UI Design for mobile platformer by Hipster Whale.
Photoshop | Illustrator | After Effects | InVision
For Crossy Road Castle, I worked on most aspect of the UI, from wire framing and designing user flows, art concepts, final layouts, and icon design. I worked to develop an art style that fit the established brand and was recognizable as Crossy Road, but had been refined visually. I tried to imagine what the next logical evolution of the existing low-res pixel-art style would be.
Unique challenges of this project were designing the layouts to work across multiple device types (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV) and multiple input types (touch, controller, Siri Remote). The addition of split-screen multiplayer meant that many screens would need to be designed for touch and controller at the same time. Time spent wire-framing, testing and iterating was invaluable in finding the best solution across all devices.
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